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The Bavarian Museum Academy

With almost 1350 museums, Bavaria is the state with the most museums in Germany. The Bavarian Museum Academy strengthens the partnership between museums, schools and universities in order to foster the appreciation of our cultural heritage.

The Bavarian Museum Academy was founded in 2011 by three core institutions: the Museumspädagogisches Zentrum (Centre for Museum Education in Munich), the Institut für Bayerische Geschichte (Institute of Bavarian History) at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and the Landesstelle für die nichtstaatlichen Museen in Bayern (Bavarian federal office for non-governmental museums). We offer basic and advanced education as well as professional development in all fields of museum activities. By organizing a diverse range of events such as conferences, workshops and excursions, it is our goal to establish and maintain regional as well as international networks consisting of museum professionals, teachers, museum educators and students.

The broad spectrum of our programme aims at:
•    museum professionals
•    teachers and education staff
•    museum/culture/arts educators
•    students

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